Humble Home Care - the best local choice for in-home support. We serve all of Josephine County.

Mission:  We collaborate with families and communities to provide excellent support to our clients and ongoing development of our caregivers.  This enables our agency to provide the best services possible.

Dignity: Treating our clients with dignity and respect, in all aspects of care.  Ensuring clients privacy is always honored.


Integrity: An individual with integrity is honest and keeps their word, even when its difficult.  We invest in a staff of caregivers that consistently role model this value.


Compassion:  Having compassion gives us the ability to approach and care for other people. Compassion includes three elements: noticing, feeling, and responding.  Our entire team works together to show compassion to our clients and to other caregivers.


Advocacy:  Advocacy ensures that people have their voice heard on issues that are important to them, as well as access to information and services. We build positive relationships that support advocacy for our clients and their families.