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Humble Home Care

Your Home Is Where Our Heart Is.

Dedicated to Providing Compassionate In-Home Care

At Humble Home Care, we are a team of trained caregivers, and nurses aides dedicated to creating and implementing a support and care plan to address the specific and unique needs of our clients. 

Humble Home Care was founded by a collaboration of  a life-time educator and a long-time caregiver.  Dr. Nichols gained a great admiration for how caregiving was central to the quality of life for his ailing mother in her final months.  He witnessed how important the extra hands and companionship of the caregiver was in allowing his mother to have agency and maintain function in her senior years. When she passed away, the path forward was clear. He called upon the continued support of Cassie, his mother's caregiver, and formed Humble Home Care. This is why we were founded,  and are dedicated to continue centering the heart in the helping of others and to give clients the dignity they deserve.

That dignity begins with the ability to remain in one's own home.


Elder care facilities, while providing a much needed service, are often stretched in their resources and have limited staff for the ever growing population of elders in our community. The comforts of one's own home cannot be replicated any other place! With pandemics, flus, and other communicable diseases being a real concern for an ailing and aged person; we can offer the best option, the most caring option, right in the place your loved one feels most secure, and most comforted. 


Humble Home Care provides these services for our clients in their own home:

Better Care Begins with You!